This is a list of comics events. (Other events at List of comic-inclusive events)

Worldwide events Edit

Event name First day of next (or latest) event: YYYY-MM-DD (month days) Event type
24-Hour Comics Day [1] 2014-10-04 (2014 October 4) Event for creators to create a 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours.
Free Comic Book Day [2] 2014-05-03 (2014 May 3) Participating shops give away free comic books.

Location-specific events Edit

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Event name Location First day of next (or latest) event: YYYY-MM-DD (year month days) Event type
Anime North [3] Canada, Ontario, Toronto 2014-05-23 (2014 May 23-25) Anime convention celebrating manga etc.
Birmingham Zine Festival[4] UK, Birmingham 2012-10-12 (2012 October 12-15) Zine fest.
Con-G [5] Canada, Ontario, Guelph 2014-02-21 (2014 Feb 21-23) Anime, geek etc convention.
ConBravo [6] Canada, Ontario, Hamilton 2013-07-26 (2013 July 26-28) Geek convention (with a bit of comics)
East London Comics and Arts Festival [7] UK, London 2013-06-22 (2013 June 22) Festival of comics and graphic art.
Kids Read Comics Celebration [8][9] USA, Michigan, Ann Arbor 2013-06-22 (2013 June 22-23) Free convention for kids, teens, parents, teachers and librarians to introduce kids to worlds of imagination and unlocking creativity.
Lakes International Comic Art Festival, The [10] UK, Cumbria, Kendal 2014-10-17 (2014 October 17-19) Comics festival.
Minneapolis Indie Xpo [11] USA, Minnesota, Minneapolis discontinued (announced 2012 July) Show about independent comics and Midwest cartoonists
MoCCA Arts Fest[12] USA, New York, New York 2014-04-05 (April 5 & 6) Fest featuring guests from comic, cartoon & illustration industry
Philly Alternative Comic Con facebook, blog USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia discontinued (announced 2012 August) Convention of alternative/indy/art comics and zines.
Philly Zine Fest site USA, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 2012-10-27 ("October 27" 2012) Fest of zines and comics.
Stumptown Comics Fest [13] USA, Oregon, Portland 2012-04-28 (2012 April 28-29) Comics fest
Webcomics Rampage [14] USA, Texas, Austin 2011-12-10 (2011 December 10-11) Annual celebration of webcomics (with webcomic creators in the shop)